What's cooking?

Several months ago our dear friends in Orlando, Amanda and Paul, launched a project called Eat Like a Rabbit. Amanda and Paul are vegetarian and on their website they share recipes and restaurant reviews and all kinds of other useful information that has to do with food.

Joy and I don't claim to be vegetarian, but we do tend to lean that way most of the time. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, with everyone spending the next two days making trips to the grocery store and slaving in front of the kitchen stove, you might enjoy paying a visit to Eat Like a Rabbit. There are truly some delectable recipes on there, and we can vouch for it!

A very creative picture of Amanda and Paul (courtesy of Paul's mother Kathleen) taken from their "About us" section of their website.

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Jennifer said...

The Mac'n'Cheese recipe looks awesome! Thanks for the heads up!