Happy Fall!

WOW, after an amazing weekend of beautiful fall weather, we followed it up today with the warmest November day I can ever remember (except for when we lived in Florida).

This afternoon I had a super-fun family session, playing in the leaves and enjoying the colors. So I thought before too much time gets away from us we'd post some family pictures.

Last weekend we went with our friends the Wrights and the Reeves to the Corn Maze.

Sydney and Graycen

Noah, Graycen, Sydney and Benjamin

The kids enjoyed these carts pulled by a tractor.

And so did Nolan..... one of these things is not like the other

Gray got her face painted.

Ummmmm, not quite the excited expression we were hoping for.

Mommy and Gray

Sydney's face says it all

These are famous.

Okay, now fast-forward to Halloween. We did early trick-or-treating, just up the street and back. Graycen was Princess Ariel and even wore the lovely red hair that she got at Disney World in August.

In true mermaid form.... isn't this a sight!

Visiting one of the neighbors.

I like this view from the top of the hill. I was so out of breath I could barely hold still for the shot. Whew. :-)

Mermaid aftermath.

Happy fall! Tomorrow we're off to Florida!


Melanie Watson said...

awww what a perfect little mermaid. Our doggie was Ariel this year and our neighbor's pooch was Sebastian. I have to say Graycen pulled it off much more realistically than Lucy did.

6 of Four Creations said...

Those pictures of Halloween are hilarious! I love it. She will LOVE them when she is older. Too funny and knowing that cute personality behind it just makes it all the better. Love seeing the fun evening you guys had!