Get out and vote!!!

Yesterday I read about someone standing in line for 6 hours in Ohio to vote early! Our dear friends Brandy J and Sticky live in Van Wert, Ohio, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't there.

Anyhow, I'm hoping the lines won't be as long today. But nevertheless, be sure you get out and vote. I know your schedule is extremely busy, ours is too. I could share with you our to-do list, but then you'd be wasting time that you could be using to vote. The point is, people have given their lives fighting for the freedom that you and I have the opportunity to exercise today.



sticky said...

I thought that if we voted early, we may miss out on the great experience of the voting day. So Brand and I will shoot a Senior session this morning and then head to the polls.

I am thinking of bringing all of my tailgate gear and also giving a juggling sideshow while waiting in line.

I will report back to you later!

Jim Cook said...

But you are not on the ballot so why bother?

sticky said...

All is well in ol' Van Wert; in and out in 6 minutes!

Anonymous said...

No lines in Largo, Florida! Took awhile to fill in the little ovals with the black pen though. :)