Goodbye Switzerland

We're sitting in the Philly airport waiting for our return to Atlanta. Switzerland was beautiful. And Tracey and Pete, what an amazingly cool couple! Wedding pictures to come...

For now, here are a few mini canon snaps from our tour.

First of all, security in the Atlanta airport added a kiosk that displays everything that is NOT allowed as a carry on. In case you were wondering, Liquid Drano and chain saws are not allowed!

Downtown Zurich. The country was abuzz with football (soccer) fans from all over Europe as Euro2008 was being contested. I've never seen such passionate sports fans! It was amazing. Though this image was taken while everything was closing up so people could go watch the football games.

Dessert on Sunday. Yummy.

A night view from Interlaken. This was taken at about 10 pm, with light still hitting the mountain peak.

Dessert on Monday. Chocolate fondue with swiss dark chocolate!! Yummy.

A cow in Interlaken with a very loud bell around his neck. Actually, all the cows there had bells on them. He'll make another appearance in a post to follow...

A flying cow

A close up of the flying cow

Yesterday on the drive back from Interlaken

Thanks to Tracey and Pete for bringing us to such a beautiful place! We can't wait to someday return.

Joy's Perspective:

1) Switzerland is uber clean...especially the bathrooms! Amazing!
2) People in Switzerland are the quietest people (except for the football fans!). You can hear a pin drop in the baggage claim of the airport.
3) It's cold in Interlaken in June and the weather is unpredictable. When we arrived it was in the 50's! But when the sun was out it was absolutely gorgeous.
4) We rented a car to drive from Zurich to Interlaken, about a 2-hour drive. Rent a
GPS, (we have one, but it doesn't have the European maps). Its also fun to stop along the way and take pictures. Riding the train we hear is a good option as well. They are also amazingly clean.
5) I fell in love with the cows, you can hear their bells a mile away.
6) The mountains are majestic.
7) Chocolate is everywhere...every other store. I was in heaven.
8) The spaghetti and pizza were amazing and so was the dessert (see pictures above).
9) Tracey and Pete are the best clients and now the most wonderful friends. We were so honored to be there with them.
10) Motorists are very courteous with pedestrians. Garrett nearly hit several pedestrians and bicyclists because he's not used to yielding every two minutes.
11) Zurich has fabulous shopping. They have a four story Zara, heaven I tell ya.
12) I really really really wanted to go paragliding off the side of the mountain...but someone didn't want to go with me.
13) We went for a carriage ride around Interlaken instead. Garrett enjoyed it.
14) Have you made it this far? Bored yet? Oh well, I'm journaling our trip :)
15) Most of us Americans are way too casual and need to take care of how we look more often. I can spot an American tourist with their tennis shoes so easily. I can watch Europeans walk by all day long with their awesome sense of style and fashion.
16) German is the main language, but many people spoke back French, Italian, etc.
17) No matter how beautiful a place is, we missed our daughter Gray so much, and to make up for her not being with us, especially when we are in Europe, we buy her fun clothes :) Be on the lookout for photo sessions of her soon!
18) We are in Philadelphia airport now, its good to almost be back home.
19) New York, Las Angeles and Zurich within less than three weeks time is too much travel.
20) Our next wedding is at home. Hurray!


Brandy J Rammel said...

So excited to see the wedding post!!! Thrilled for you guys to be in such a cool place!

Oh, and #15 Joy, I am right there with you=)

Regis said...

WOW! The cows are huge in Switzerland. Look how big that cow is on the grassland. I hope she doesn't eat those two little hikers in front of her.

sedona bride { destination wedding photographers } said...

what a blast.. :) it looks like this was not only a fun experience, but seriously therapeutic as well!

can't wait to see some pics from the wedding!


Melanie Watson said...

What an amazing trip that must have been... looks absolutely beautiful. My favorite photo... the flying cow. It would have made the entire trip for me... then again I'm easily impressed! ;) Glad you guys made it home safely. You are quite the jet setters! :D