Erika and Tim's e-session in Chattanooga

We were in Switzerland when Erika and Tim booked us to photograph their wedding that's coming up in September in Daytona Shores. The following week we visited together for the first time in Orlando. And I never imagined that their travels would bring them all the way to Chattanooga this weekend for a wedding...a wedding that we're photographing no less. It all happened so quickly.

Christina and Albert will tie the knot this afternoon, and we can't wait! And we were thrilled that Erika and Tim are two of their guests. On Friday we met together and photographed their engagement session, dodging rain showers and thunder storms, they did great!

These two are a real blast! Check out Erika's dress...we're trying to talk her into wearing it again for the wedding, but I guess she has something else already picked out.

"Can we take some spicy shots?", I believe was the request.

How many guys can pull off a Seersucker suit this well? I know I sure can't. But they looked great! They even got a "congratulations" by one of the passersby on the sidewalk who assumed that they had just tied the knot.

Thanks Erika and Tim for making time for us this weekend. You're a blast to work with and we can't wait for the big day in a few months!


Brandy J Rammel said...

WOW! Great e-sessions in Chatt lately! These are all fantastic. That second to last one is especially nice!

Mike said...

Great shots guys! Hope all is well up your way!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wrok guys! I especially like the second to last image!