Chichi and Jonathan, married in Southern California

We left New York, spent one night at home, and then headed to Los Angeles for Chichi and Jonathan's wedding. We had been talking about this wedding for a while...about two-and-a-half years to be exact, when one of our first ever brides and grooms, Kelli and Matt, moved to California for medical school and referred Chichi to us.

At the time Chichi was living in California and traveling around the world as the newly announced Miss Africa International. In 2006, while we were out west for a workshop, we met with Chichi and had a photo session.

So finally the long awaited and much anticipated day arrived. And we were thrilled to have our good friend and fellow photographer Regis Chen along to document the day.

Let Mama have a peek...

The bride cometh, get your cameras ready!

During the ceremony.

The rings.

Just married!

After the ceremony we stopped off at an orange grove for some portraits.

The first dance

I'd say this wedding cake would certainly win a contest for creativity...14 African huts of various sizes, complete with doors and windows and thatch roof-tops.

The groomsmen serenaded Chichi.

After dinner, while the bridal party was changing into their African outfits, this fantastic dance group entertained the guests

Their African outfits

Once everyone changed, the party really started!

The last dance.

Thanks so much, Chichi and Jonathan for letting us be a part of your special day. We wish you God's richest blessings as you being this new journey together. Enjoy your month-long honeymoon in Africa and best wishes on your move to Mexico.


David L Smith Photography said...

Wowzers! That must have been the coolest wedding! I want to see more!

Regis said...

Awesome photos! It's always a blast and an honor to watch you guys do your magic.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple! Beautiful wedding! I love how they change their outfits to the Africian outfits. It rocks! Overall, you captured the beauty of them and their weddings! WOW!

Regis said...

... I must say though that I feel guilty that you and I ate one of those "hut" cake. But at least we ate the smallest one.

Melanie Watson said...

What an awesome wedding... the dancing looks amazing. Love love love the cakes. So cute!