Two Views...

I remember a few years ago making the drive from Orlando to Miami to attend a photography seminar from leading Hollywood and international photographers Joe Buissink and Yervant. Sponsored by GraphiStudio, the seminar proved to be one of a series of pivotal turning points in our quest to becoming full-scale, full-time, full-throttle photographers.

As luck would have it I miscalculated my directions and ended up a few minutes late. Forced to sit on the back row of the 200+ assembly, they held my attention absolutely captive and I sat mesmerized by the skill and talent and vision of these two artists.

I’m pleased to say that as time has passed and I’ve had the opportunity to get to know both Joe and Yervant, I’m equally excited every time I see them: whether shooting or speaking. Their talent is inspiring, but it’s their pure raw passion for the craft—matched, of course, with their ability to peer deep into the souls of their subjects and translate their vision through the lens—that forces me to check myself as an artist. It’s predictably similar and refreshingly unique every single time.

I’m excited that once again, Joe and Yervant will be touring together. Sponsored by GraphiStudio, Two Views is sure to inspire. The tour kicks off later this month as they’ll be stopping at the following locations: San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Toronto, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, and San Diego.

For more information, visit the tour website here.

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Jim Cook said...

"As luck would have it I miscalculated my directions"

Luck? There was no luck involved!