LaCour exPOSED!

Shortly after we launched our portrait division, CoBBlestone Rue, we received an email from our friends in Atlanta, LaCour, requesting information about being photographed. Initially I thought it was a joke, but I quickly realized their intentions were sincere.

Being one of the hottest young photography studios in the country (them, not us), coordinating our schedules proved challenging. Fortunately, however, we found a little sliver of time just before darkness one winter evening a couple months ago.

I'd been looking at this spot for several months now and knew it would be a perfect location. Here's my favorite, cropped square of course, just in case they decide to record an album or something. LOL!

Actually, I'll confess. The session was full of challenges, not the least of which was getting to the spot.

Fortunately, even though we were chasing darkness, we managed to grab a enough images to make the session worthwhile.

Rachel and Andrew

Erin and Mark

The ladies

And yes, I mentioned challenges, right? Take a look at the foolishness that ensued as darkness overtook us.

These two embarrass me.



Dawn Davis said...

How can you not fall in love with the LaCour team?!!!!! We miss you all...! Awesome work Garrett!!!! ~ Dawn

Jim Cook said...

I love the "cone head" pictures. Man... That could be your "signature" shot! I wanna cone head portrait!