Every time we conduct a workshop we are reminded of how blessed we are to be a small part of such a fun and amazing industry. We have a fantastic group of photographers and we couldn't be more pleased with how the first half of the workshop has gone.

We started on Monday evening with a welcome reception at Jenna and Matt and Katie's studio. We went a little overboard on the amount of food and they'll be eating left-overs for weeks, but hey, one can never have too much chips and salsa and guacamole, right?

(In case you were wondering, it's not accidental that the picture of the guacamole is larger than the other food pics.)

Day one of elevate3:Denver was fantastic! We spent the morning going around the room getting to know each other and then we talked about getting to know ourselves: asking ourselves tough questions about our goals, our mission in life, our background, and how they all blend together to effect our individual shooting style. It's quite a talented group.

Then in the afternoon we discussed wedding photography as art. We explored some different shooting styles and we talked about shooting from your heart and shooting from your head.

In the evening, Jenna and Matt modeled for us, and folks, I've got to tell you they were fantastic. Obviously, when you see a group of 12-14 photographers walking around downtown following someone there's the potential to create quite a stir. Well, this fella (pictured below) was curious and asked one of the group who we were photographing and if they were famous. She told them that yes they were famous...it's Matt and Jenna Walker! So he hung out for about 15 minutes, taking pictures with his phone and calling numerous friends to tell them of the scene he had happened upon. It was pretty funny.

Matt and Jenna did great and here are three of my favorites.

Today we're excited to have Kristy Chenell from the Ritz Carlton join us as we talk about vendor relationships and the Ritz Carlton Creed. And then at lunchtime, Jeff Kent, Editor at Large of Professional Photographer will be visiting to talk about media relations and publishing. We're also going to talk about marketing and branding, customer service, and the topic that so many people are interested in lately: destination weddings!

It's going to be a full, packed, exciting day and we can't wait to get things going.


Brandy J Rammel said...

Awe, so much fun! I wish we were in Denver=(

I love that first one of the Walkers. And the shots of the guy with the phone are hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

I just had lunch and now I see all this awesome food! Great, I'm hungry again.

Erin Cady said...

I still can't believe that the guy threw down his bike to get out his blackberry and take photos. And he kept following us! Histerical...

Anonymous said...

The guy with the cell phone...that was hilarious! I now have another crazy story to tell. Good times!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS, on yet another successful workshop. TTYL. best to Graycen.

Gene Higa ~