Special Baby Shower for Heather (and Tabor)

Last Sunday, I hosted (along with Maria and Kelli) a lovely baby shower for my sister in law, Heather at our home. It was a beautiful day for it and it was a fun and special time for all of us. Heather is due on May 14 and its a boy!!!!!!

Click here for slideshow.

Tips for hosting a baby shower, (I know there are many I can give...This wasn't my first time hosting, but it was the first time at our home. I'm no pro when it comes to event planning so this is what I learned the best!):

1) Have a fun theme. This doesn't always mean a baby theme. I was so excited when Heather wanted to incorporate the color green (my fave!) because she didn't want to get too tired of blue. And there was green everywhere... with a hint of blue :)

2) Get help. I couldn't have done this without Maria (my other lovely sister in law), Kelli (close friend of Heather), Karen (married to Garrett's cousin, Aaron), and of course my amazing husband, Garrett for taking photos. Another option is to hire the pros :)

3) Keep it simple. Whether its the decor, planning, food, communication with hosts and guests, etc.

4) Have fun, take fun photos, and pamper the guest of honor!!!

I did realize that I absolutely love LOVE hosting and planning for special events like these especially for family and friends so for the sake of journaling online and for this blog, you will see many future parties on here!


Brandy J Rammel said...

You did such a wonderful job Joy!!! Cannot wait to see more parties! And I think I spied some caprese salad on that table - YUMMY!!!

Anonymous said...

These photos are just gorgeous. What a wonderful gift to give the mom-to-be!