Happy Birthday Brian

While most of our photographer friends in Florida have spent the past couple months enjoying the "off-season," we're coming off five weekends in a row of amazingly fun weddings. I guess that comes with working two markets.

Last weekend, since we were in Jackson on Friday, we were able to make it home in time to host our dear friend Brian's surprise party. Brian turned 29 for the second time, and he and Esther were visiting from New York. They stopped by the studio to visit us and we had a bunch of friends there waiting for him.

Then we went to the local favorite Kanpai of Tokyo and enjoyed a fantastic dinner. For the after-party we headed to Nolan and Konika's house for the second annual fantasy football draft.

While our fearless commissioner Brian got ready to start the draft, we got the kids ready for bed.

Meanwhile, Brian and Joy had the computers out and the strategies ready.

Nolan made this nasty tea that he discovered in Argentina, called Mate (ma-tay). It's gross!

Brian on the phone with Paul, barely 24 hours after he and Amanda tied the knot! LOL!!! Perhaps the funniest part of the whole thing is that Paul isn't even really that big of a football fan!

Good times with two of my best high school buddies.

In conclusion, happy birthday Brian and may the best team (mine........or Joy's) win.


c r y s t a l said...

Oh my!! Nekkid booties! haha!

I tagged you guys on my blog! :)

Misss you soooo much!!!!! Wish I could see you both soon!

6 of Four Creations said...

Mate is great! I love it. :)

Jim Cook said...

Little G is gonna kill you when you she gets older and sees these! Oh yea, Regis wanted me to ask if G$ had nekid baby pictures of himself that you would care to post.

Luke_Walker said...

mate is an acquired taste :) i love it when people say that, because what they are really saying is "it sucks but if you have enough you can learn to deal with it." when i lived in ithaca i lived across the street from a place called the mate factor which served mate in a bunch of different things.

Anonymous said...

Love the little baby booties! haha! So cute!

Regis said...

Jim, I got good news and bad news.

... the good news is that G$ already sent me a nekid picture of himself.

... the bad news is that G$ made a mistake and sent me a CURRENT nekid picture instead of a BABY nekid picture of himself.

Willians de Moraes said...


Here in Brazil we have the same tea but with the other name (ChimarrĂ£o) typical of south of Brazil.