Fiesta in Santa Barbara

This weekend we were in Santa Barbara for Lisa and Lex's wedding. It was beautiful and they were so much fun to photograph. We got a great "Tyra-esque" shot of Lisa that we can't wait to post.

While we were there we had the privilege to see some of our dear friends and also make some new ones. On Friday evening we had dinner with DJ, Vanessa, Amy, Janey, and Gary. DJ is so kind, he invited us to stay at his new home. It's kind of small, but we're managing. LOL! Actually we didn't even bump into each other until the third day! LOL!

He was the consummate host, leaving chocolate on the bed.

And here's the view. There's no camera that could do this view justice.

It was Fiesta week in Santa Barbara. Even through we were there, we're still not sure what that means, other than that it gives everyone an excuse to break these crazy confetti eggs on each other's head and scream "FIESTA!!!!!"

On the wedding day, our good friend Regis drove up from Orange County to shoot with us. He shot with us in Orlando in June and he's so much fun to work with. If he didn't live so far away we could do this every weekend!

On Sunday we went the Santa Barbara Polo Club to watch a polo match with DJ and his friend Josh. It was so much fun! And what's crazy is that about 8 miles from our house there's a really nice farm that occasionally hosts polo tournaments and we've never gone.

Then we came back and spent some time downtown, shopping, eating and shopping and eating some more.

Thanks to everyone for being such great hosts and making us feel so welcome. Be blessed.


|| davidjay || said...

Awesome! LOL ... Fun times!!!

Regis said...

Joy and Garrett,

The only part that I hate about seeing you guys is that we had to say good-bye.

Thanks for letting me tag along again at the wedding. I had so much fun that it didn't feel like work. How nice is that.

And one final note... I am usually very photogenic. Yet you had to post the photo of me eating/drinking, that obviously did not reflect my true image... thanks a lot!

Holritz Photography said...

Nah.... Mexican food? You don't like Mexican food do you? Hahahaha!
Jealous of you guys out there! Looks like you had an incredible time... you deserved the break!

- N

Brandy J Rammel said...

Awww.......smiling and jealous!! You have me very intrigued with the "Tyra-esque" tease.

Miss you guys!