Amanda and Paul

We had all been waiting for this date for a long time. Our dear friends Amanda and Paul finally tied the knot in Jackson, Mississippi. In the midst of a swamped, busy, crazy stretch of travel, I packed in with Nolan, my college room-mate, and we made the drive.

Paul lived across from us in college and we became friends then. Following college he headed to Rochester Institute of Technology to get his Masters. Then Joy and I talked him into moving to Orlando, where he lived with us for about 8 months. During that time he built us a website and ate lots of peanut butter.

Shortly after he moved in, he and Amanda met at church and the rest, as they say, is history.

A fun portrait session before the wedding...

The families came together for a beautiful mini-concert in the church atrium just before the ceremony.

Another image from the concert. It was beautiful, emotional, peaceful and all kinds of other adjectives.

We always like to capture shots of moms and dads or grandparents holding hands. But this time when I looked for the hands I noticed that Paul's mother and Amanda's mother were holding hands. I love this capture because being friends with Paul and Amanda and knowing the roads that ther lives have traveled to get to this point, it's especially meaningful.

Another exciting factor of this wedding for me was that David Smith was also photographing. About 6 years ago when I was really starting to get interested in photography, I called David and asked if we could go to lunch. I think we spent about 3 hours together and I nearly got in trouble when I returned to work, but David inspired me and gave me the confidence to pursue my passion. He is one of the nicest and most under-rated photographers I know, and it was so much fun to work with him.

The bride and groom exit the church. This isn't an exceptionally great image, but I'm posting it because it was funny to see Paul's good friend Brent (on right) running around with his MacBook Pro streaming footage of the wedding online. It was hilarious! While many friends were unable to attend, they could at least watch the wedding live online!

The wedding reception centered around the cake. It was chocolate cake with peanut butter with a raspberry creme frosting, and it made quite an impression. Paul's 95-year-young grandfather sits in the background.

Of course a get-together with Paul wouldn't be complete without a little juggling show. What fun! And in the background of this image, under the Scandanavian-looking clock, Paul's sister Elisabeth and her husband Dag. They live in Italy and they just got married three weeks ago in Sweden!

A few portraits at the Mississippi Museum of Art, where the reception took place.

I know this isn't about me, but I found a great mirror at the museum and made a fun self-portrait.

Congratulations Amanda and Paul. We're so excited for you and we wish you all of God's richest blessings as you begin your new life together!

(I think we took a shot of all the guys from college. I'll have to find that and post it soon. Stay tuned....)

Here's the shot of all the guys. L to R, David Smith, Dan Braun and one of his three handsome sons, Peter Braun, Paul the groom, Nolan Wright, yours truly, Timothy Roban Putt, and Brent Hardinge. Not pictured: Rev. Mike Cauley.


6 of Four Creations said...

Love the bride's dress. Very fun.

ALSO, your self portrait. Lovin' it!

Adam Hudson said...

ah man! you should have let me known that you would be in town, we could have grabbed some mexican food.

Looks like a very fun couple! +1 on the self portrait.

mngirl said...

Wow. If that wasn't a blast from the past, I don't know what is. I went to high school with both Amanda and Paul, and his younger sister Elisabeth. As well as the Braun boys and David Smith.
I nearly peed my pants when I saw this post!
Thanks for the shot of all the guys!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Love the mirror shot...that's my kind of shot! :)