The GN Photography Studio

Today was monumental. This morning we stopped by the realtor's office and picked up the keys to our new studio. The studio is located in downtown Chattanooga on the North Shore, about a 1/2 mile from Coolidge Park. We're excited to get into the studio and switch things around in time to open within the next few weeks. The location was formerly the home of Plum Nelly, a really cool pottery store that has been in business in Chattanooga for more than 25 years. Plum Nelly has moved down the street, closer to the river.

Our Chattanooga studio will allow us to better serve our Tennessee/Georgia portrait and wedding clients, and we're excited about additional opportunities down the road. We will, of course, maintain our Orlando studio and continue to focus heavily on Florida, as we travel back and forth a couple times a month, splitting our time equally between the two locations.

Over the next few weeks we'll be decorating and getting things ready to open. Stay tuned for more details soon.


K.C. said...

That will be such a cool studio space. Congratulations!!

Brian Tighe said...

Awesome Garrett and Joy!!, congrats! :)

Liana said...

Ohhh.... loooove the wall color choice!! ;)

What an exciting time for you all!!

David L Smith Photography said...

Dude! I'm just a tad bit jealus! You guys are going to be huge! Congratulations, it must be a great feeling.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!! That is such a gorgeous studio space! Love the color! Love the space! Love everything!