Fencing in NY

We just returned from a great time in Rochester, NY. Four days with friends, building a fence in their back yard. I know, building a fence doesn't sound fun, but it was.

On Friday we dug the holes and set 49 posts in concrete. On Saturday we packed up and headed out to Niagra Falls. We had a fun picnic and then went over to visit the falls.

On Sunday morning we resumed fence-building activities. Two of the crew showed up with their Extreme Makeover Home Edition shirts on. As soon as we saw that, we knew they meant business. They had actually volunteered as crew on the popular show when they were making over a house in their hometown.

We finished the fence a day early so the last day was just hanging out and having fun.

The highlight of the trip was on Monday, when we were all sitting around the living room setting up our fantasy football teams, the lawn service arrived, and SURPRISE....A FENCE!
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    Holritz Photography said...

    Totally forgot that's why you were going to NY! Looks like great fun between the fencing and get together at the Cowleys!

    - Nathan