LaCour builds foundations

We were priviledged to spend the evening with a bunch of great photographers in Atlanta. Hosted by LaCour at their mid-town studio, it was a wonderful evening of food, fun and foundation-building. We've been watching LaCour's work for the past year or so, and they are such an inspiration. Here we are with our friends Nathan and Amber Holritz, who are a dynamic photo couple from Chattanooga.

It was great to meet Andrew, Rachael, Mark and Erin, the entire LaCour team. They are even cooler in person than you would imagine. We look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks when we all gather in Chattanooga.

Below is a genuine Nathan Holritz image, captured of Joy and me gazing into each other's eyes as we thought about how tired we were. :-)


Mike said...

Glad you had as good a time as Catherine and I did! It was a blast! The LaCour gang are certainly all way cool, as are the rest of you guys!

Jim Cook said...

Joy looks tired -- you look like you have editing on your mind! :-)

LaCour said...

hey guys, hope all is well! we had a blast with you and look forward to the next get together.