Photographer's GTG at the Cowley's

Yesterday we were blessed to get together with several of our photographer friends and meet some new friends at the Cowley's house in Lima, NY, just outside of Rochester. We had a great BBQ and had lots of fun hanging out together. Neil mades some killer grilled portobella mushrooms! Then we had fun jumping on the trampoline, which I hadn't done in years. All too soon we had to leave and head back to our fencing project across town. We're already looking forward to the next time we see everyone.


JeffersonTodd said...

Dang! That looks like so much fun!

Miss you guys!

Frank DiMeo said...

You guys (-:
Now I miss you more than ever Garrett and Joy!
It was sooooo great to see you. We need to do it more often.

Anonymous said...

that was a great time! hopefully we see each other on days like this more often :)