Guest Professor!

Today I had the honor of being the guest professor for one of the photography classes at Southern Adventist University. We had just returned from lunch and were dropping a friend off at Brock Hall. A few of the professors came out to say hello and visit with Graycen, and one of them asked if I could spare about an hour to come in and speak to the photography class. So of course we agreed.

It was so much fun. When I worked at Southern a few years ago I had the opportunity to guest speak in the Writing for the Media class and also the Magazine and Feature Writing class, but addressing a class of 50-60 photographers was really exciting, and it brought back all kinds of memories because I also took photography in that very classroom.

We spent about 45 mintues talking about various images, looking at ShowIt slideshows from weddings, going through our website and blog, and talking about what an exciting time it is to be in wedding photography. The students had several questions about everything from pricing to what types of questions brides ask, the importance of engagement shoots, and how to deal with difficult family situations at weddings.

Before the class started students had posted their assignment prints on the back wall of the classroom. Following the presentation Professor Ruf passed out three dots to each student so they could vote for their favorite prints. He also gave me three dots to vote. That part was really fun for me because I remember how carefully I used to vote as a student, and I also remember how scared I was sometimes that when I posted my picture it wouldn't get any votes.

Anyhow, a special thanks to Professor Ruf and Dr. Henning for asking me to help out, and to Mrs. Herod for babysitting Graycen while Joy and I were in class. :-)


Tim Co. said...

Woah cool Garrett, speaking to the masses! Thats so cool to be able to talk to students and influence where they go with their careers.

See you on the 17th of April @ the PUG!

tj cameron said...

those were some lucky students! G$, it's been some time since i visited your site and WOW... you are doing some rockin' stuff! keep up the inspiring work!