Family e-session

This afternoon we had the unique opportunity to do two engagement sessions at the same time. Justin and Karey are getting married in June in Pennsylvania. Justin's sister Jordan, is marrying Jeremy in Chattanooga in August. So since they're all going to be family in a few months, we figured it would be fun to shoot together.

We met in downtown Chattanooga and shot mostly around Coolidge Park. It was so much fun. Even Karey's mom, who was visiting from Pennsylvania, came along. About half-way through the shoot we stopped at the North Shore favorite, Clumpie's Ice Cream. Seriously, of all the reasons we're excited about coming back to Chattanooga, Clumpie's might just be at the top of the list!

Here are a couple of our favorite shots from the shoot. We're really looking forward to your weddings and we know they're both going to really be special.

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