Liana's Summary of Laguna Beach Mansion Week

This is from our friend, Liana Lehman, who is also an awesome photographer, writing about our week here in Laguna Beach. These are also her photos of the gorgeous mansion we are staying in! Lots to come!

On February 17 and 18 over twenty of the nation’s hottest wedding photographers and rising stars will converge on the California coast for what is to be one of the most memorable weeks in the industry.

What started off as a simple 4-day-intensive seminar in Newport Beach lead by one of the nation’s best high-end wedding photojournalists, Mike Colon, has turned into a week-long celebration among a group of photographers who are making waves in their areas.

With photographers representative of every age and from all areas of the country – including New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Portland, Chicago, Little Rock, Chattanooga, New Orleans, Orange County, and Santa Barbara – the controversy has already begun. What will happen when 14 photographers move into a 4-story mansion in Laguna Beach on Saturday February 18?

The itinerary kicks off even before the week starts with photographers pairing up around the country to travel to Newport Beach. Two kick off the trip with a quick stop in Vegas and a drive over from there. The New York boys have a long six-hour drive to the airport before they head west. A trio of young female photojournalists unite in Los Angeles to shoot an intimate wedding that Saturday before moving into the Mansion. A tag-team of the NY boys, the Orlando couple, and a local Californian are covering a wedding across town at the same time.

Sunday is chalk-full of photo shoots starting at sunrise and includes real couples as well as models. A BBQ and concert are on the agenda for that afternoon and evening. Monday starts early with the first day of “class” that includes everything from business strategy and shooting techniques to discussions on post-production and branding. Each night hosts a series of portfolio evaluations and some sort of party or activity at the Mansion or out and about. Mexican night spouting homemade chimichangas by Mike, margaritas by Liana, Jim’s Guacamole and Garrett’s salsa is going to be one to remember with KKs “rap-opera” performances and tunes on the baby-grand by Nathan.

Thursday concludes the 4-day intensive with a massive poker-tournament and dinner. Friday morning, the group heads to Disneyland for a “field trip” and is joined by dozens of other photographers including more local celebrity wedding photojournalists.

Parting ways on the 24-26 is going to be difficult to swallow but plans for future rendezvous are likely.

February 18-25 is sure to be one of the most memorable, educational, emotionally-charged, exhilarating, and hilarious weeks for these friends and strangers and for the industry as a whole as lives are changed, friendships made, and in celebration of all the unforgettable moments.

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