Magazines Galore #7: Southern Weddings

I've never seen such excitement and momentum as I have with the Southern Weddings blog. Lara Casey and her dynamic team have created a fabulous online magazine that grew so rapidly in popularity and demand, that just three months ago they launched their premier print issue. I was thrilled to attend their launch party in Atlanta, and it has truly been exciting to watch them grow.

This morning we are honored to have some of our work featured on the Southern Weddings blog. Libby and Jimmy's beautiful New Year's Eve wedding at Hammock Dunes Resort in Palm Coast was a fabulous event. Susie Weiss from Wonderful Weddings coordinated the event and the incomparable Brian and Richard from Flourish Productions did an amazing job with the decor, as per usual.

Thanks, Southern Weddings gals for your excellent work and your continual inspiration.

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Alice Park Photography said...

congratulations guys! beautiful new year's eve wedding!