Magazines Galore #6: CFB

I always enjoy photographing fashion. And as a wedding and portrait photographer, when the opportunity presents itself, we look for ways to incorporate fashion into our wedding and portrait photography.

I was happy to have the opportunity several months ago to photograph the fashion for Central Florida Bride. A couple years ago I worked with them on a fashion shoot and there were several challenges that prevented us from getting the images we needed. So this time I directed the shoot and armed myself with a great team of colleagues. And even still, we still encountered a couple challenges.... the van getting stuck in the mud, the heat and humidity destroying Janet's work, etc. But we all pulled together and came up with results that I'm very proud of.

The team included Brittany Sobering of e-events and Tickled Pink, Brian and Richard from Flourish Productions...they brought the fabulous antique sofa, Janet Mednick from On-site Beauty, and my assistant, Courtney. I selected the gowns and worked with Solutions Bridal on getting the gowns shipped in. And I selected and secured all the models, Bridgham and Colleen from Miami and Caroline from the Atlanta area.

The session went very well. And our goal was to create a more stylized look and gently nudge CFB toward a new direction with their fashion. I feel that some of the images accomplished that, so I'm pleased. My only disappointment was that they only selected three images. But as a former magazine editor myself, I totally understand their position. Fashion pages don't pay for the magazine. They're only pretty to look at.

(not my photo, I just include it for those who don't know what the magazine looks like)

Below are the three pics (four pages) that ran in the magazine:

Behind the scenes....glamorous, isn't it?

And I figured I'd show a few more shots...some of my favorites, that the magazine didn't publish.

Thanks, guys, for being such a fantastic team! It was a long, hard day, but you were all an absolute pleasure to work together. Wanna do it again sometime?!?!?! LOL.


Brandy J Rammel said...

GORGEOUS! I could look at an entire magazine full of these!

regina holder said...

LOVE these, G$! especially the grecian looking dress from the back!

Anonymous said...

So glad you posted these! That was a fun day and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it.

Kristina said...

BEAUTIFUL! I wish I looked like that again, would love to work with you in this type of capacity :-)