Getting ahead....Number 2

In our previous blog post we wrote about someone from Colorado stealing our images to promote their photography and I'm happy to report that she has taken them down.

Today I share with you that it's happened again! But this time we are excited because our images have been appearing on the website of videographer extraorldinnare, Jeffrey Stoner. These are from Ann Marie and William's wedding in St. Augustine.

Those who faithfully read our blog know how much we admire Jeffrey and his work. His vision is brilliant and he's a true pioneer (not in the 'horse-n-carriage' sense) of modern wedding videography. It's amazing stuff, folks!!!

Each month Jeffrey features a different photographer's work on his website, and this month it's us! We're flattered that he chose us, even though it's a tough pill to swallow that be used us for the shortest month of the year. Rest assured, I'm not gonna let it get me down. Instead I'm gonna pick up my camera and practice, practice, practice. I'm gonna work harder than ever before in hopes that next year he'll use us for the longest month of the year.

Really, do yourself a favor and surf over to www.stonervideo.com. It's so cool.

Jeffrey...Paco's next weekend?

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