Corey and Will's e-session

The other evening I spent time with Corey and Will, photographing their engagement session in Chattanooga, and what a blast! We're especially excited about their upcoming wedding because they were the first wedding couple that we met with at our new studio gallery on Main Street. Additionally, we'll have the opportunity to work again with Morgan and her team at Soirees.

We started off using Will's Aston Martin as a prop. Will was kind enough to let me chose which car to bring for the shoot. It was tough passing up the Lamborghini and the Porsche and the extra rare Ford Mustangs, but there was something James Bond-like about the Aston Martin that really caught my eye.

Then we headed out to their farm, where they are building a beautiful home, expected to be complete next summer. Their farm has a small lake and it creates one of the most peaceful escapes around.

For the past year Will has spent countless hours on his John Deere tractors working the land. I don't think I'd mind spending time on a tractor like this!

Then we headed out to the lake, just before sunset for a little time on the boat, a 58 ft. Sea Ray with two bedrooms downstairs, a kitchen, four tv's, and pretty much anything else you'd need to live.

Here's Will at the marina getting everything fired up.

"Miller Time"


Thanks, Corey and Will for a great time the other day. We're looking forward to your wedding in a couple weeks at The Honors Course. Good luck with that SCUBA training this weekend. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love those shots on the boat!

Jim Cook said...


Cameron Clark | baby business blog said...

What groom has a yacht, 4 collector cars and a John Deer? This Will guy, obviously. Crazy. I'm jealous. My husband would die for that collection.

Scott Andrew said...

So awesome Garret, I love the John Deer shots. I'm a hick at heart too!

Amy Clifton said...

Love the shot of them slow-dancing on the boat. Does he have a [single] brother? hehe