Congratulations mommy Janelle!!!

One of our favorite clients in the world, Janelle, emailed a few weeks ago and suggested that we schedule a quick maternity session. It was more challenging than either of us expected to coordinate our schedules, but we finally made it happen...and none too soon.

Yesterday she emailed to tell us that they were heading into the hospital that evening to have the baby. Always calm and cool, especially since she's done this twice before, Janelle seems to take everything in stride.

We haven't heard the results yet (I'm sure we're right at the top of their let-family-and-closest-friends-know-we-just-had-a-baby-list....hahaha). But even still, we wanted to say congratulations and we can't wait to meet your precious new little girl in a couple weeks.

Wow, your husband Martin is one lucky guy to be sharing life with four beautiful women. How fantastic!


The scene a few days ago:

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