Hanging out with Sisters (in law)

While Garrett is hanging out with Joe B and 11 other photographers in Vermont this week...and that normally I would put this in our family blog, but we are keeping up with this blog better so here goes:
Yesterday, Graycen and I had lunch with my sister in laws, Maria and Heather. Its so much fun to catch up and I don't think all three of us have gotten together like this in awhile. Maria is married to Brandon, Garrett's middle brother, and they are expecting!! Yeay, Graycen is going to have a cousin and another playmate soon :) Heather is married to Tabor, Garrett's youngest brother and they have been away being in school at Michigan and now back to TN so now we are all living close together and we can do this more often. We are all in different milestones with our lives and so fun to see what we are all doing. Heather and Tabor are starting their careers and bulding a house, Maria and Brandon are starting a family, and we are opening a studio and taking our business to the next level. Its also so exciting to be near many family and an abundance of friends nearby. And Graycen can grow up with all of them!! God has really blessed.

Can't wait to go camping together soon :)

PS. Picture of Heather, Joy, Maria, and Graycen in the much loved Village Market, Collegedale. Taken by Heather's trusted camera with the cutest tripod you have ever seen :)
And a picture of Graycen in her frog towel by Aunt Heather.


Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

We are so unbelievably blessed!!! I miss you guys. Can't wait to see you in a few days. :-)


Holritz Photography said...

Just cried a little.

love you. all three of you.