elevate for photographers .....DVD available

We're excited to announce our elevate for photographers DVD, which will be available next week. Click play above to view the trailer.
Thank you to these exceptionally talented photographers and friends, Me Ra, Mike, David, Stephen and Jennifer for giving us awesome quotes. Thank you to Amanda and Rob for letting us be a part of their CO wedding, it was indeed an honor.Thank you Loren and Ryan for the engagement session and for being such great sports! Thank you Renee, Summer, and Melanie for doing a fantastic job with the bridal fashion shoot. Thank you to Lisa, Dale, Jillian, Brittney, and Brian T. for helping out and for being a wonderful team. Solutions Bridal for lending us beautiful wedding gowns. The beautiful venues,Filoha Meadows, Redstone Inn, Isleworth, Casa Feliz. Thank you for Jennie for providing the wonderful pictures for the Mission Africa project. A picture really is "worth a thousand words" and more! All the amazing and beautiful people featured in the photos and who we have had the privilege of photographing and being who they are. Our family, friends, clients, and photographers who have supported us throughout this awesome project.

We have been receiving emails about when it's coming out and we're pleased to say that it's finally complete. Yeay! We have been working on this since spring and we've poured lots of effort and love into the project. It's exciting to see the final result. And a HUGE thanks to Brian Shepherd for making this possible! He's phenomenal at what he does.

The 1 hour DVD contains:
~ Garrett's Philosophy on photography sessions
~ Destination Wedding in Colorado (interaction with the bride and groom for 10 hours, condensed of course)
~ Urban Engagement session (interaction with couple at a variety of locations)
~ Bridal Fashion shoot at historic Orlando mansion
~ Bonus Features include: Wedding Slideshow, Mission Africa, (where a significant portion of proceeds will be donated) and the Trailer.

It will be available for a limited time, (two weeks and the price will increase) at $149. And it is complimentary for those attending the elevate seminar in January (four seats remain).
Payments can be made through PayPal with the email: garrett@garrettnuddphotography.com or contact us at info@garrettnudd.com for more information.

We hope you find this DVD both enjoyable and insightful.


Anonymous said...

Very Niiiice. Congrats guys. Miss you love you.

Brian Tighe said...

Very nice Nudds, I know you put a lot of time into making the DVD outstanding; it looks great!

|| davidjay || said...

Looks AWESOME! Can't wait to see you both next week! :)

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Amazing...can't wait to see it.