Meredith and Ian

Meredith and Ian are one of the neatest couples we've ever met. One thing that we really love is how they're willing to try anything we suggest. Perfect trust is really great between a client and photographer. Believe it or not, it was 6 am when we took this fountain shot! I'm telling you, they're dedicated! Then we went to a nearby laundry mat. Little did I know that they had brought props. How cool is that?!

Next we headed to Park Avenue in Winter Park. When we arrived I picked up my camera from the passenger seat of my car and then went to the trunk to change lenses. When I opened the trunk I realized that I had left my camera bag at the laundry mat...30 minutes earlier!!!

So Rick, a friend who was with us, drove back with hopes of finding my abandoned gear. While he was gone, Meredith suggested that we pray. She prayed and a few minutes later Rick called and said, "Prayer works, I've got your equipment!"

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