Shayna and Andrew

Shayna and Andrew are such a sweet couple. They're both from Florida but didn't meet eachother until they were in school together at Liberty University in Virginia. We had so much fun on their engagement shoot, and we're looking forward to their wedding in June.

I have to share a quick funny story about Shayna. She contacted us through our website, like most brides do. I was sitting at the computer one evening when her contact email arrived. So I immediately picked up my phone and called her. What I expected to hear was "hello, this is Shayna" or something to that effect. Instead I heard, "Hi, Mom!" I paused, stuttered, and said something like, "ummmm, this is Garrett Nudd from Orlando, you just emailed me requesting wedding photography information...." I think she might have been a little embarrassed, but we had a good laugh.

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