Brandi and Scott

Brandi and Scott have really become good friends since we first sat down together over a year ago. Since then Scott and I have gone golfing together and we've talked about doing it again sometime soon. With Brandi and Scott, we did two engagement shoots. The first one was really rainy so we did another when the sun was shining. Speaking of sun shining, we had a great time at their wedding. It was such a beautiful day at Cypress Grove Park. Brandi's maid of honor was her mother and Scott's best man was his father. It was an emotional wedding, and the toasts that Brandi's mother and Scott's father gave were so warm and heartfelt. It was truly a blessing just to be there. I was also blessed to be accompanied by our friend Jim Cook, a photographer from Kentucky. We shot so many images that it's unbelievable. These are two of our favorites, taken after the reception when most of the guests had gone home.


Anonymous said...

My "name" is Dinahmomma and I am Brandi's "favorite" aunt (I think). The two photo's that you shot of Brandi and Scott are so beautiful. I can hardly wait to see ALL of the photographs of the wedding. I must commend you on being able to blend in with the whole wedding and I know the photographs will be exceptional.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Garrett for your kind words about Scott and Brandi and their wedding. Your photography is beautiful - looking forward to seeing all the pictures. I'm also looking forward to playing golf with you again. The FLA golf tournament is April 17. I'd like for you to join our group again.
Gerald & Sue Bond

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how beautiful the wedding was and am so happy that we will have some beautiful photographs to remember it with. Brandi and Scott are very special and beautiful people and we are anxiously awaiting the rest of the pictures.
Grandmother of the bride
Susie Davis