Sad and happy

Does everything always happen at once?
Or maybe life moves so quickly that it just seems that way.

Two weeks ago I was in Washington DC photographing a wedding
when Gray called to tell me that she had lost her first tooth.
"Dad, I've been waiting for this moment for years and you're not even here to celebrate with me!"
I felt horrible. But then she said, "Oh well, I guess we'll just celebrate again, once you get back.
Two celebrations!"

Then last week we walked her up the steps and into the school,
down the hallway and into her kindergarten classroom.
Her first day of school, yet she walked into the classroom like she owned the place.
Obviously she wasn't nearly as nervous as I was.

And then yesterday, after a few months of mom and dad not making a big deal about it,
she casually asked if she should practice riding her bike without training wheels.
Boom! A few minutes of diligent work and she got it.

And then her first piano lesson...

What in the world is happening?

Tonight I sit at my computer looking through pictures from her first day of school
and it's left me sad and happy.
I'm sad that my little girl is growing up.
But I'm happy to see her blossom and stretch, learn and grow.

In the morning we'll wake up, get ready as quickly as possible,
eat breakfast, and then race out the door without a second thought.

But tonight, in this quiet place, with my girls asleep down the hall,
I'm giving it a second thought.

Not quite as enthusiastic as big sister.

You are special today!
This special occasion heirloom plate is available at the Paloma's Nest boutique at our studio.

Gray loves making cards for people.
But this time mommy made one for her.
She loved it!

Gray's excited that Sydney is in her class.

Sharing the card she made for her teacher.

One of the most poignant moments of the entire morning was when we got home
and Campbell went over and picked up Graycen's American Girl, Hadley.
She walked around the house for a few minutes mumbling something to Hadley
and then climbed up on the the sofa and started playing with her quietly.

Looks like she's getting ready to "teach class" to Rabbit and Hadley.
That's what her big sister does.

Seems like everyone's growing up.


Cloud9_Raquel said...

Thank you for sharing such a sweet and sincere post! The love you have for your girls is so evident, and the imagery is something you'll treasure forever.

Lauren Weisberger said...

Garrett and Joy,
Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures, beautiful words! Thanks for giving us such lovely and touching view of what's to come. Sending you all big hugs. xoxo Lauren, Mike and Ruby
P.S. New York anytime soon? Please say yes!

Brandy J Rammel said...

This is a wonderful post! Gray is such a fabulous little girl. Her creativity, sense of style and quick wit have always amazed me. This world certainly has something big in store for her. Love both of these girls so much! Thanks for sharing!

Alice Park said...

I can see it now.. Dad writing the toast to Gray's *amazing* wedding... but not too soon, I hope. This little girl has the world in front of her. Bravo Garrett & Joy!