When I think of the word "happy" I think of this picture.
Captured last night just before bedtime.
Our girls play, fight, laugh and cry constantly,
but they are truly best friends.

I can't think about them without thinking of the
"why" and the "how" they are around.

Today is Joy's birthday.
She has been my best friend for almost 14 years.
And today I see some of her biggest strengths in our girls.
Her passion.
Her stubbornness...or maybe perseverance/drive/ambition would be a better description.
Her care and concern for others less fortunate.
The way she laughs and the way she cries.
Most of all, her grace.

So happy birthday, love. There's absolutely no one that makes the girls and me happier.


catching caterpillars said...

this is absolutely beautiful! made me tear up a bit even... what a sweet happy family you are!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful and accurate testament to the true love ad "joy" in your life. happy birthday to our sweet, graceful friend!