Kim and Nick, married in Lake Mary, Florida

I remember sitting with Kim and her mother at Lisa's house one evening, talking about her wedding and truly sharing in their excitement. I knew immediately that it was sure to be an extraordinary event, and I've got to tell you, they didn't disappoint.

Kim and Nick were married in a small country church and their reception took place at the Lake Mary Events Center. Everything from the weather to the smallest detail was absolutely perfect.

Kim and her mother getting ready

Simply stunning!

Trolleys transported the bridal party to the ceremony.

A detail

The ladies

Before the ceremony, the bridesmaids circled in prayer for Kim and Nick.

The church

Nick's anticipation

Undoubtedly one of the biggest moments of the day. Kim's father is disabled and worked for months to build up the physical strength to walk his daughter down the aisle. This was truly an extraordinary and emotional moment.

The vows

The kiss

I love portraits!

Bag piper

What a party!

More portraits


The bride and groom enjoy their first dance, flanked by their parents.

Kim and her father again for the father-daughter dance

The Leonard Brothers performed at the reception and they kept the party rocking all night long!

Tricia and Chris

Anyone care for some flaming smores? YUM!

And they're off!

Congratulations Kim and Nick! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your special day. We hope you're not having too much fun in Mexico. ;-)

Finally, a pic of the "A-team." Videographer Jeffrey Stoner, Jessy Rivers, Cristy Nielsen (thanks so much for shooting with me, you're a God-send!), yours truly (Garrett), and event coordinator extraordinaire Lisa Konecny.


Kevin Meyers said...

Hey man! Long long time no see. Nice work as always! Love the lighting in the dance shots. I hope all is well for you and Joy!

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary, as we expected! Can't wait for more. Tricia

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Studio222 Photography said...

WOW! Whoever did the event design did a killer job in the Events Center! It looks amazing. The photos are gorgeous. And hey Jeffrey! :)

sticky said...

Beautiful images, G$! Looks like the A-team knocked it outta the park! Now which one are you? Murdoch, I suspect.