Magazines galore #1

Occasionally Joy and I disagree. I love magazines. She loves books. I think magazines rock because they are new and fresh and always evolving/changing. I was a magazine editor for three years, and when I moved on, I think I left a little piece of my heart with the magazine.

Books are cool (shout-out, Lauren W!), that's for sure. And I've read plenty of them. But that's more Joy's thing. And fortunately for us, Graycen seems to have followed her mother's footsteps. She always has a book in her hand.

Anyhow, one thing we do agree on is that whenever we have the chance, we enjoy submitting our work to magazines. After one arrived in the mail the other day, I realized that we've been fortunate to land in quite a few lately, so we're trying to keep that going.

We were thrilled to be included in another article in Professional Photographer that focused on the significance of photographers sending out holiday greetings. The article featured three studios, and our portion talked about how for the past three years we've done the foot-shots, cutting off our upper bodies and leaving only our feet and Graycen's whole body. It's a fun theme that we've enjoyed continuing ever since she was born.

Photo credit for our holiday card pictured above: Paul Martin...the one in Orlando, not the Paul Martin who is Prime Minister of Canada.

Stay tuned for this year's holiday card....coming soon!

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Jim Cook said...

Oh... Silly me thought the theme of your photographs was that Joy was showing more leg each year.