Brandy and Sticky's holiday session

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a photographer is the opportunity to form life-long friendships with many of our clients. Such is the case with Brandy and Sticky, who we first met a couple years ago when they asked us to photograph their wedding in Savannah. We immediately clicked and over the past couple years we've been fortunate enough to photograph them for their holiday greetings.

A few weeks ago they came to Chattanooga for this season's session and we had a blast!

What a fun session!

Thanks guys, for traveling all the way from Ohio. It's always a blast to hang out. We can't wait to see what we come up with for next year!

(will post more from their session of us shortly...)


Dawn Davis said...

Brandy & Sticky... the HOTTEST couple ever!!!! Wow... love these images. They looked so good on their Christmas card too!

Happy New Year to all...!

Regis said...

I want to be there the next time you guys do the shoot. My goal will be to make them laugh :)

Brandy J Rammel said...

Awe, so fun! We absolutely LOVE these but we have already told you a million times=) Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Now, onto brainstorming for next year's....

Jim Cook said...

Regis, you are just jealous because they are hotter than you!

If you come to Chatt, you probably can see some cows again.

amanda @ baci said...

Hot Stuff as usual!!

Alice Park Photography said...

Brandy, can I move next door to you and share your closet with you?! Seriously, you and Sticky are two of the most stylish photogs we know. Graycen is going to be STYLIN when she gets older (not that she isn't already!)

Garrett & Joy - as always, AMAZING images. LOVE them!!