Minneapolis, The Dark Knight...random thoughts

Garrett is in Minneapolis, MN invited to speak for a group of photographers in GraphiStudio's new Training Center. We are honored to be the first studio to visit and present :)

So we saw The Dark Knight last week on our anniversary and I realized I hadn't reviewed it on Twitter and/or Facebook, so I thought it deserved a blog post.

I am not a big comic book fan or sci-fi fan, but for some odd reason, I have been a big Batman fan ever since Michael Keaton took on the bat role. And of course, I had to see the new one, with Heath Ledger as one of my favorite actors and knew it would be phenomenal. It was amazing, disturbing, amazing, surreal, the last-20-minutes edge-of-my-seat entertaining movie. I was really sad when it was over knowing that it was Heath's last full acting performance. He definitely should win an Oscar.

Why am I even blogging about this?...not that they need me to promote the movie, (in just 10 days since its release, its made $315 million). I could blog about so many other things...but afterall this is a journal and it's very much a big part of my life...I want to remember Heath Ledger and his performance. I also have converted Garrett into a fan, (this was the first time he saw a Batman movie!)

Other random postings...we will be posting studio photos and updates soon!


sticky said...

Well, I guess I will have to take Brandy to the movies AGAIN this year!! LOL!

Thanks for the review, Joy! Take care!

Joy Nudd said...

Crazy, we're not big movie goers either, but in the past month have been to see SATC and The Dark Knight...both have been so worth it :)