Happy Birthday Joy!

Today Graycen and I would like to wish a very happy birthday to the most special person in our life.

Thanks, Joy for all that you do. For being an outstanding mother, a fantastic wife, a close friend, and a talented business partner. We are truly blessed.

Here's to another year filled love and laughter

(pics by Brandy J and Sticky Rammel)

I just found this fun pic from the last wedding we photographed. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joy! John and I wish you a wonderful birthday!

Brandy J Rammel said...

Happy Birthday Joy!!! Sweet, smart, beautiful, talented and graceful, you are just so amazing!!! Have a good one girl!

You and our nephew Austin share the same birthday!

Jim Cook said...

Happy Birthday Hervia!

I hope Garrett got you a nice new Canon!

Eat a bunch of chocolate today.

Regis said...

Happy Birthday Joy!

You are a great photographer AND you look great being photographed.

... oh and Garrett is also a great photographer and umm, a nice guy.

6 of Four Creations said...

Happy Birthday Joy! Birthday weekends at home are the best! I'm glad you've had this time together!

Brian said...

Happy Birthday from Rochester!

adrianhitt said...

happy birthday to you, joy!

sticky said...

"J-O-Y!", "J-O-Y!", J-O-Y!"

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet girl I did not realize it is your birthday. Renee and I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. If you would please hug Graycen and Garrett for us and pretend like it came from us...

Happy Birthday,

Joy Nudd said...

Thanks so very much for the birthday love, you guys made my day even more special! Thanks also for all the Facebook notes on my wall and personal emails. Yes, Garrett (and Graycen) treated me like a queen (and more)today. You guys are the best!


Jasmine said...

Happy BDAY, Joy!! :) I hope it's filled with happiness and love!

Unknown said...

Just got in from the Colorado adventure--

Happy Birthday Joy! I hope you have a year filled with love and laughter!

Frank DiMeo said...

Happy belated Birthday Sweetheart!
I know that special guy took good care of you.

The new images and video are awesome as always!

Miss you guys more than ever!