Familiar faces, for the first time

We had an outstanding time in Denver for the Down the Aisle show at the new Ritz Carlton. Please stay tuned for pics.

We left Denver this morning and boarded our Delta flight to Atlanta. A short time into the flight the flight attendants began their beverage and snack service. When the young lady asked us what we'd like to drink, she looked at us carefully, first Joy, then me, then back to Joy, then back to me, and then asked our names.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking of our friends and fellow photographers, Ron and Renee, whose daughter had just completed flight attendant training. And sure enough, just like that, we met Natalie Rader for the first time, at 35,000 feet.

After she finished with the beverage cart we visited together for a bit, talked about how much she's enjoying working for Delta and living in New York. And of course she said her parents were doing well, etc. What a nice surprise to start the day.

And for her parents' sake, and to prove this isn't just a story, here's the proof. Just please ignore the two travel-weary passengers on the left. ;-)

It was nice to meet you Natalie. Chances are, we'll see you up there again sometime soon.


Regis said...

I like how the rest of the passengers behind you all looked into the camera as well.

Brandy J Rammel said...

i thought the same thing Regis did, that is VERY scary.

So cool how you can bump into people like that. And how they recognize you without ever meeting you! Such a cute story.