Maria's Nursing Dedication at SAU

Last night, we attended SAU's School of Nursing Dedication. I went to mine four years ago and it is definitely a memorable milestone in a college student's life, especially for a future nurse. I can look back on my time at SAU School of Nursing and what an amazing experience I had...an abundance of support, love, and encouragement from faculty, nursing buddies, family, and friends...nursing school was quite challenging! So when Maria asked me to pin her for the dedication, I was beyond honored. She has accomplished so much being a dedicated student, wife, sister, daughter, friend, mom, and soon to be nurse :)

Pinning Maria We're so proud of her! (Each nursing student is pinned by a chosen registered nurse).

Nurse sisters!

Mitchell giving mom smooches.

Dad decides to let Mitchell borrow his glasses...

Bonnie Hunt was the speaker for my nursing dedication in '03 and pinned me as well! She was one of my biggest mentors while in school and still is today.

Graycen didn't nap this day, so this was her napless expression:

Congratulations Maria!!

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Jim Cook said...

For gosh sakes -- whatever you do -- make SURE Graycen gets her nap!!!!