Silje and Crispin's e-session

On Friday we spent the afternoon with Silje and Crispin. They're getting married in Silje's home country of Norway in July.

They had me running all over downtown Chattanooga, but it was a blast! We ended the session out in the country with Crispin's dirtbike. What fun!

Thanks, guys. Can't wait to see you in Norway in a few months!


6 of Four Creations said...

I love that last one. Great job guys! We'll see you soon. : )

Brandy J Rammel said...

Another awesome E-session!! This couple looks like so much fun. 2,3 and 6 are especially nice!

-brandy j

Davina said...

I love the bike. What a great idea. Love how creative you guys are.

Mike Larson said...

love the shots with them on the bike getting ready to kiss, dang, hot stuff!