JoAnn and Brent (and Nicklaus)

What an outstanding way to end the year! On December 30, JoAnn and Brent were married at Casa Feliz in a beautiful sunset ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Every wedding is enjoyable, but this one was exceptionally so. The details and everything about the wedding were exquisite. The wedding was coordinated by Susie Weiss and her Wonderful Weddings team.

The food was provided by Arthur's Catering, and they always do a fantastic job! Who do you think we're turning to to provide the grub for our opening reception for elevate? That's right, Arthur's!

Anyhow, back to the wedding..

JoAnn and Brent and Nicklaus...because of the timing of the wedding and the setting sun, we planned the creative portrait session before the ceremony.

The details were great.

During the ceremony, all three of them said vows...it was beautiful.

During his vows to Brent, Nicklaus was overcome with emotion...and it carried over to everyone present. I was crying so hard I actually shot this one with my eyes closed.

Everyone lit candles at the conclusion of the ceremony.

The happy bride and groom.

It was such an honor to be a part of JoAnn and Brent's wedding. May God bless you three as you join together and become a wonderful family.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff G.

I love the ceremony image. Made me cry too.


Anonymous said...

don't you just love those super emotional times that only weddings can provide? shooting with your eyes closed, now that's talent!

= )