Good times with Great Friends

This evening we had dinner with some of our very best friends. We ate at a great Thai restaurant in Chattanooga called Sweet Basil, which is becoming a tradition every time we're all back in town. A handful of us went to highschool together and most of us went to college together.

As we were discussing the possibilities of a group vacation next year, a project came up that we all took an interest in. One of the couples, Brian and Esther, just moved to upstate NY. He's working on his PhD in violin performance and she's starting her pediatric residency. They have two dogs and they need a fence installed behind their house. A couple weeks ago he had an estimate done on the project and it was considerably high. So as we sat around the table we determined that we could do it for less, as long as they provided us with a way to get there.

So the date has been set...the end of August. Between a mechanical engineer, human resource manager, office manager, nurse, physical therapist, musician, medical doctor, photographer, pastor and dental student, I think everything should be covered. Click on the image above to view the assigned job responsibilities.

Not pictured: Paul Martin, who will be coordinating a project website featuing a live web-cam and during breaks he'll be providing the entertainment by juggling clubs.

Can't wait to see you all in a few months, and even better, once we all move back to Chatt-town and we can visit together more often!


K.C. said...

The Jobsite Chaplain and his "vacationer" were just in my office last week:)

Sounds like a fun project. We did ours in TN and it was just but took some work.

K.C. said...

The Jobsite Chaplain and his Vacationer were just in my office last week.

Sounds like a fun project. We did ours in TN and it was a good workout. Enjoy.