GN Photography to host elevate:Orlando2007 seminar

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting elevate:Orlando2007 on January 21-24.

It will be a high-impact seminar geared toward photographers who want to elevate their shooting and elevate their business. We'll be staying in downtown Orlando at the EoInn in the heart of Orlando's Lake Eola/Thornton Park district.

We're teaming up with Lisa Konecny, one of the fastest rising wedding designers in the SouthEast, as she discusses how to successfully market yourself to wedding vendors and land yourself on the top of their photographer list.

The seminar will include:

-How to get your couples to take an ordinary shoot and make it extraordinary
-Seeing the shot before you shoot it
-Capitalizing on your imagination
-Working with light
-Natural posing that lets you remain a "photojournalist"
-Scouting locations
-Post-production image treatment
-Class shoot-off with professional models
-Developing a style that is noticeably yours

We'll also talk about about pricing, marketing, positioning, competition, and everything else that it takes to be successful in this competitive business.

For more information visit our website and click on the Photographers link. There are only 16 seats and several have already been claimed.


Jim Cook said...

This is AWESOME and I can't wait! Such amazing content you are going to present and I am always looking for ways to raise my business (elevate) up a notch. I suspect this will raise it much more than a few notches though!

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Thanks Jim for your continued support and encouragement. Not only are you an awesome photographer but an awesome friend as well :)