Renee and Erick's e-session in Jamaica

We'd been looking forward to Renee and Erick's e-session and wedding in Jamaica. Their wedding was at one of the coolest places in Negril, the Blue Cave Castle.

So on the morning of their wedding, we climbed down the steps into the cave for some shots. Renee and Erick were great! Check these out!

Our friend Timco shot this "great" image of me phtographing.


Brian Tighe said...

Whhhaattt... Just insane Garrett... The second and third remind me of The Birth of Venus or something, the shapes, forms, colors, tones, just wow... Well done.

Mike said...

Beautiful, beautiful work Garrett!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Garrett! Did you get ohotos of the butterflies?

Anonymous said...

Wow Garrett ... you sure captured the essence of Renee & Erick and the idellic location.

Fabulous work.

Aunty Mary

Anonymous said...

G$: WE LOVE YOU, MAN!! spent the night docked at the montego bay yacht club. lucky enough to borrow some internet at the office. every chance we've had to find a computer we have come to see what we can see and now... wow. it was so much fun to shoot! the end product is just... i'll find the words in a few days. we're off again now, sailing to mosquito cove, back down to negril, and we'll check in again from the castle.

One Love,

E & Ren

Anonymous said...

Amazing shots Garrett! It was cool to watch you guys work. And I'll not soon forget the sea urchin story.... Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome, Garrett. We can't wait to see the rest.
Ren's parents