Happy Birthday, G...the BIG 30 :)

We love you...I love you...thanks for being you.

Doing what he loves...






6 of Four Creations said...

Happy Birthday! I was just going to send a card too...I still will. :) Wish we could celebrate with you.

Chris, Katie and Asia

Liana said...

Happpppy Happppy Birthday G$ !!!!!!!

Jim Cook said...

OMG G$ is 30!!!! What an OLD MAN!!!

Hey, you forgot to mention 2 other things he loves:

(1) Mexican food

(2) Eating corn -- I have a photo around here that I stole from someone if you need it! haha

Have an awesome birthday G$.

Brandy J Rammel said...

holy smokes, man! I thought you were like 18 or something with that super cool hair-do. here's to the happiest birthday ever, G.


kristinbednarz said...

I'm really depressed now.

I'm way past 30 and you are so much further than I will ever hope to be and so much younger ,too!

Life is so not fair.

But it is good. And it's blessed.

Enjoyed meeting you and Joy!

Anonymous said...


LaCour said...

Happy 3-0 man! We love ya.


Unknown said...

The things you can learn from a blog! Happy birthday, Garrett! Lovely images, all of them. Sorry I won't get to meet the whole family. See you in Jamaica in a few days. Happy birthday!!

Holritz Photography said...

We love you!!!!!!!!!

a and n

Unknown said...

You MUST tell me what turning 30 is like! (!!!)
I'm curious as to what this G$ stands for, but feel fairly confident- :)
Happy Birthday dear friend, and I do hope you are snuggling up with your 2 most favorite and beautiful gals...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Garrett!

It was great to meet you and Joy at WPPI! I hope to see you both again in June.