Coming Home to Our Girl

Came home to this precious girl, cutie patootie Graycen, we missed her! She is growing up as a cute little lady with a big vocabulary...she turns 2 in a month!


6 of Four Creations said...

Too cute! She does look like a little lady in that shirt! How adorable. Hugs to her!

Anonymous said...

I swear, Graycen has a way better wardrobe than I do....

What a lovely darling. I know you were happy to see her! ~ Erin

Unknown said...

She's SO beautiful... and so grown!

I felt like Addy had grown 6 inches, and gained 15 new phrases when we returned.

Lets get together... asap.



J said...

Too Cute!

Not sure how you leave such an adorable little one, but I am sure it is such a joy to return home!

regina holder said...

Graycen is so gorgeous! Loving the little curl action! I'm sure she was excited to see you.