liveBooks and WPPI

We had a blast hanging out with the liveBooks crew at WPPI. These guys were great. On Monday we spent time in the liveBooks lounge, pictured here with part of the liveBooks crew.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had the opportunity to speak at the liveBooks booth. There we talked about defining a style that makes you unique as a photographer, and we also talked about the strengths of liveBooks and what makes their websites unique.

Our time with liveBooks was educational as well. Here’s what we learned. The liveBooks company is composed of about 40 staff and they do 120 websites every month!!! That’s huge! I couldn’t believe it, because when we were doing our site a couple months ago, the entire time I felt like we were there only client. How great is that!

Several other outstanding photographers were speaking at the liveBooks booth. Among them was our dear friend Mark Adams of LaCour Photo in Atlanta.

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J said...

Great Stuff Garrett!

Thanks for your time and energy in Vegas!