Steve Jobs Thoughts on Music and Our SuperBowl Experience

Steve Jobs
February 6, 2007

With the stunning global success of Apple’s iPod music player and iTunes online music store, some have called for Apple to “open” the digital rights management (DRM) system that Apple uses to protect its music against theft, so that music purchased from iTunes can be played on digital devices purchased from other companies, and protected music purchased from other online music stores can play on iPods. Let’s examine the current situation and how we got here, then look at three possible alternatives for the future.

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Interesting. What do you think?

Oh and before I (Joy) forget to blog this...we went to Nolan and Konika's house Sunday for an AWESOME super bowl party that we projected and all 15 of us watched on their wall...good food...good company...good game...GO COLTS! :) No pictures cause we were too cold to go out to the car and get the camera!

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I never heard of you, but was just surfing the net looking and researching for ideas and your name and site came up. Boy, amn I glad I ran into you. Just excellent work and your attitude of the business is the same, and thats a hard thing to keep up with the mess the world is in today. Im seeing my old bud Bussink next Monday when he comes to San Francisco. I haven't met Marcus before so Im looking forward to this seminar. Just wanted to stop by and say your interview on your site is a 10! If you ever get out to Northern California, look us up. God Bless, Randy Licht