Bison Burger, anyone?

Photo taken by Andrew and we took this from their blog.

On our way to Charleston to drop off Graycen at her grandparents' home while we photograph an awesome wedding in Savannah, we met with our awesome photographer friends Rachel, Andrew, and Erin of LaCour for a fun dinner in Atlanta. Its always a treat getting together, especially laughing about fun entrepreneurial ideas and just having a great time. We love Ted's Bison Burgers! Actually, we're sooooo sorry we didn't get to taste any! :) We are truly blessed with your friendship and glad that we can hang out more often. Next time Mark!


LaCour said...

Graycen is like...dudes, where's the beef?

:) Poor kid was tired of our silliness!

Miss y'all!


Unknown said...

Fun! Miss you guys!


Jenna & Matt Walker said...

aww! how fun! i'm going to head to those crazy lacour cats april workshop - would be great to meet up with you guys if that is anywhere near chatanooga...don't know my geography down south too well :)

hope you are both well and happy!

Liana said...

Awww.... baby G-cents is getting soooo BIG!! Miss u three!!