Kristina and Bobby's e-session

Last week we had a great time hanging out with Kristina and Bobby for their e-session. I met Kristina a couple years ago at a photo shoot, and when she and Bobby became engaged last fall (IN PARIS!), she contacted us to see if we were available for their wedding in October.

Kristina and Bobby are a blast! They live in a really cool house in Tampa, and they have so many fun toys, like Kristina's "Tonka Truck" below...

And they also have Tiger Woods golf, on the PlayStation, which we had fun with for a few minutes, and also a really nice pool in the back yard with surround sound reaching out to the patio. I told them we were definately coming back.

But perhaps the coolest thing at their house was the fountain on the wall in the foyer. I kept checking it out and so Bobby suggested that we take a picture in front of it (see below). Of course it's my fave shot of the day.

Thanks to our friend and Tampa photographer Amy DeYoung for coming along. She grabbed this shot of Bobby and me in front of the fountain.

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